How long does it take to see results from Bernie's Perfect Poop?

Modified on Sat, 07 Jan 2023 at 07:56 PM

In terms of timing to see changes, results definitely vary from dog to dog. Some dogs show improvement after just one serving and some take 3-4 weeks. Most commonly, we would expect to see some changes regarding stool consistency and gas within the first week or two of getting the full serving.

In terms of secondary concerns such as skin allergies, paw licking, etc, it might take a few months for your dog's systems to rebalance and fully thrive. We believe that health starts in the gut, but it can take longer for all the related body systems to benefit from a healed and optimized digestive process. Particularly with allergies and other sensitivities, we're waiting for the dogs inflammatory response to adjust to a new, healthier normal, and depending on the many different variables that each dog faces as a unique individual, it's harder to give a time frame on the true full benefits as it relates to whole body health.

Click here for a page detailing the different conditions Bernie's Perfect Poop can help.

Consult your vet if you think there may be a problem with your dog’s digestion.

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